Thursday, November 13, 2008

.we can't be friends, cuz i'm still in love with you?.

.why when people go their separate ways, it's always impossible for them to remain friends? i honestly don't get it. i feel that even if i still have feelings for you, i can get over my feelings enough to stay friends. first of all, i think that our relationships that we have now, aren't that serious. like who are we to sincerely know what it is that we want, to say that i can no longer remain friends with you. that blows me. if anything if i'm in love with you, it would make things harder for me to coup with being that you aren't in my life. i just feel that we are immature and babies in love. i don't know. it just cracks me up that people just make so many things huge. i've learned to not care i guess. i mean if you no longer want me, or i no longer want you, it's not the end of the world. who knows maybe we need time to be alone and apart so that we can grow.

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