Thursday, June 18, 2009

.cashmere thoughts.

.sometimes i truly hate the cashmere thoughts that go through my head. it's like i'm constantly thinking. there is hardly an idle moment out of the day where i'm not thinking. but thinking isn't the problem-its what i think that bothers me the most.-well at times anyways.

.i really hate how i keep going back to that thought. i mean i'm doing good, it's so far in the back of my mind and it's hardly something that i meditate on, but it's still there and it bothers me. but it's like with my cashmere thoughts, for some reason that thought is always apart of it.


.my thoughts. i have big dreams. really big ones. and i am going to accomplish them. so i thought i'd let you in on them. i don't know exactly what i want to be in life when it comes to my career, however i want to be accomplished and i want to be a socialite. i know that most people want this and hope to see their names in lights, but i want to get there working hard. i don't want people to make a way for me, i'd rather make a way for myself. that's pretty hard to do though considering the world that i want to be apart of but i'll get it done. i also dream of being a mother and a wife. i believe strongly in marriage. i really really love it. i'm such a passionate person and i want to share and give my passion to someone but it's really difficult to imagine.. nowadays anyways. it seems like in the black community marriage is made into a mockery! noone takes their vows seriously and people don't even take their relationships seriously. it truly frightens me because i want to give my love to someone who wants my love, but with the way things are going, i'm not sure if that will happen. but anways my dream is to be a mother to a little girl, she's going to be so adorable. i can't wait to meet her. i just want to have a happy family. i want to take care of them. and i want to have a maybach. lol idk...i guess i said all that to say that my cashmere thoughts just mean that i want to be happy. i can't wait to get to that bliss.

..and i wonder..if you know..what it means.. to find your dreams..

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Tay said...

I like the way you thinking Bianca you want to work for whats yours. And if you keep thinking like that shit will go your way. Like my cousin Fabulous said even if you dont know what you want to do you know your going to ddo it whatever you do