Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.these ARENT* a few of my favorite things.

.#idislike when people say that they didn't get your text! Dude. We all have cell phones and have had them for several years. We know how Trent messages work. -pause-
#idislike when guys lack aggression! Please be the man! The hunter! Come after me, show me how you desire me, how you want me! Please don't make me do the chase because I get over playing tag.-easily.

.#idislike when people say what we are going to do and don't follow through. If you aren't sure then don't mention it to me. Yes this isn't a broad disl
ike that many can attest to, but its something that truly bothers me. Until you are absolutely sure, please don't excite me. It doesn't take much to do that lol

.#idislike when guys don't tell the girl they are diggin that they are diggin them. -pause- I don't mean like everyday I need a confirmation on what my position is, but every now and then saying something along those lines would be nice because all the lovey,cute stuff that starts in the beginning dies QUICK!

.#idislike being stared at. Its just freaky. Either you want my face or you don't. -pause get over it.

.#idislike being led on. Say what it is. I'm not the parker brothers -games isn't my life broskie.

.#idislike swimming in america..well on the east coast. The water is gross. Its only nice in florida when it comes to my coast and fortunately I'm from Jersey.

.#idislike how the dudes up here in the tristate area (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut according to my news channel) are dumb rude! Hold the door open for me please? Or at least let me get up first! Lol I'm getting ran over up here!

.#idislike vanilla ice cream by itself. Its boring.

.#idislike when people I don't know touch my hair. Ewww did u wash your hands?

.#idislike sitting on and touching things in New York. Bums are invested with gross, smelly germs and then I have to sit and touch where they've been?

.#idislike america. Yes I'm thankful for living here with all of our freedoms but no I'm not proud to be an american. The way we make appearance everything giving so many people complexes and struggles with their self-esteem. I hate how greedy we are-in every way, mentally and physically. I hate that we are so fortunate but yet there are homeless people all around starving and we won't help because of our selfishness.

.#idislike disrespectful children. Who are you to have such an opinion and mouth? I will pop a child. Not on some mommy dearest but.. Act up and test me.

#idislike not being able to buy myself clothes when I NEED them, not when I want them.

#idislike being misunderstood.

#idislike panty lines.

#idislike thongs! Just don't wear any panties lol

#idislike ignorance.

#idislike when people show their toes knowing they aren't done and not presentable lol.

#idislike when I have friends who secretly don't like me. I know you don't. Smh.

#idislike people who can't forgive or understand. I'm not like you shorty. And maybe my relationship with that person is different than what it was with you. Sorry I couldn't make that choice. Sorry you had to bounce.

#idislike when people make strong opinions about things they know just pisses me off, right in front of me knowing I'm trying my hardest not to say anything.

#idislike when people test me! However, I like succeeding when they thought I was gonna fail.

#idislike being taken advantage of.

#idislike how stupid I am about certain things lol -blonde moments smh.

#idislike how I lack some strength- Lord I'm trying my hardest to overcome this. Help.

- I gotta copy this from my home Kristin-
#idislike that you like to live in the now, when I like to live in the know-ing.

#idislike people who don't find the joy and laughter of things all around us.

#idislike that I read books so fast! I hate just sitting around with idle time.

Umm I think that's enough for now.

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KayTeeMAD said...

yesss i need to know. & i concur with the rudeness of our tri-state men..thank you Hampton