Sunday, September 20, 2009


.are titles in a relationship really necessary?

.i swear at times it feels like you're MINE*; that you are my boyfriend.
.then you remind me that you're not.

`but if the actions are the same and the feelings are the same then is that title necessary if we both deep down know how we feel?

.yes it's necessary because there are some things that come with the title that i think you and I deserve.
.no it's not necessary because it's just a name, it's doesn't add anymore feelings to anything.
.yes it's necessary because it shows people that you are serious about your feelings for me as i'm serious about mine for you.
.no it's not because maybe i can't give you all that a girlfriend details.
.yes it's necessary because i don't want you to have the option to find someone else and ..move on?

.no it's not necessary for me personally because my feelings are on that title level and i won't do the things i shouldn't do- if i knew your feelings were the same. but i feel like deep down, you're roaming with me in the back of your mind.- so maybe i roam too.

.all these posts are making me realize, i get too serious about things that others merely don't care much about.



Anonymous said...

This one is my absolute favorite... i agree on 100% on what ur saying... this shit made me think lol

Unknown said...

I really appreciate this post. Honestly, people are always "talking," but they are basically in relationships. There aren't any titles, but like you said, titles don't determine the emotions that are already invested.

The one thing that I will say is that titles bring about security. I believe that a person is more secure in their spot, when a guy or girl is publicly being claimed by their significant other.

But yea... this post is the shit. Stamped <3