Saturday, October 10, 2009

.it don't matter if you're black or white.

.i'm disgusted with my fellow Hamptonians.

`so lastnight was the Miss Hampton Pagaent and last week was the Mr.Pirate show. Both of the winners of these competitions are either mixed or not black. However, they are Hamptonians and as a Hamptonian they have the right to be elected as the faces of Hampton. But why when this happens, Hampton University acts out and acts like ignorant black people. It's like how far are you pushing us back? Yes we are an elite Historically Black College/University but we aren't in segregated times anymore. I'm proud of the diversity, the slim diversity, but diversity nevertheless that Hampton University shows. To qualify as Mr. and/or Miss Hampton University one would think that you need to have a certain gpa and of course be a student of Hampton University. When did being a certain race matter? It truly makes me sick. It's the same students causing a fuss that would be the ones to make an outrage because a black person didn't win something if we went to a regular school. Are you going to be racist or not? Are you going to show that Hampton represents ignorance or diversity? It really makes me sick. I say congrats to the winners of this years competitions. You deserve it.

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Anonymous said...

What saddens me is when Nikole announced she was thinking of running, she was very worried that she could never win because she was not black. I, as a black female and fellow Hamptonian, assured her that HU was better than that. I was truly disgusted by some of the comments I heard as I left the pageant. She is a wonderful young lady and will be an excellent representative for Hampton University.