Friday, January 15, 2010

.for the record....

...i love my blog. i love that this is my very own outlet to discuss things of my life or the random thoughts that I have. i love that people read what i have to say especially the reader who i don't know or have never met. i love that there is no one to judge me. everything that I feel or think belong on here, my own place to call my own. i can be myself without hearing "you're weird" -SIDENOTE i don't really care about being weird, i'm just being Bianca, and that's all i really know. my opinions, my thoughts, the crazy things that i say off the top of my head is just how i am, don't know why but i know that's me.- i love that i can be myself on here. especially since it seems as if whoever i portray myself to be is totally different than who i am! maybe people just can't read me in person, that's why i have this, because if you don't know what's going on with me by looking at me, you will definitely get to know me on here. and that's real.

keep your heads up baby girls and boys

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