Monday, January 18, 2010

.stop waiting for the world to change.

.i was going through my old letters and i came across one that stuck out and it made me realize that the only reason why i'm unhappy is because of myself. this person told me exactly what it was that they thought and years later they still think and despite of all of the wonders i find myself making, they always told me what it was from the beginning.

`then it hit me. i have to stop waiting for the world to change. time and time again people have failed to reach my level of expectations and really it's not even that high. i mean i know that everyone makes mistakes and i shouldn't really expect much from people because things happen, but sometimes things don't happen and when that don't happens, it's when i'm let down. i know that some things are doable - they just aren't done for me. HOWEVER! i'm not trying to sound all sad and wallow in my sorrows lol i know that in the future things are going to change. sadness doesn't last for ever just like happiness doesn't last. i'll continue to do to others as i'd done to me - with precautions of course.

i can't wait until that something new becomes the something now. i can't wait to meet new people, to feel new butterflies, to find new love.-no not a love meaning person per say, just a new passion. i want to be passionate again. even though a new person may just what i need. who knows?-God knows :)

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Madame Queen said...

Never wait on anyone because you are too creative to be just one way. Women are like the ocean. Some days it's calm, some days it's rough and very busy. It takes a woman to handle day to day obstacles and a strong woman to handle the truth. You are living in a world where people are made to sin. Just continue to be positive and live for you. Good things come to those who wait. You have a very grand prize awaiting you when it's your time. Karma is true so believe in you and treat others the way you want to be treated. Always be the bigger person and show your inner strength. Smile everyday, even if it takes every piece of strength in your body, Speak in a soft calm voice, for the calm is heard and the loud is never looked to. You are a woman with history and without knowing history, you can never change history. Keep your head up B. Love ya.