Thursday, March 18, 2010

.am i supposed to change? are you supposed to change?.

.normally i am one with a lot of opinions. i don't usually hold or bite my tongue for anyone or anything. but lately i've been quiet more than usual. it may not seem that way towards others, but i can see the change. it's subtle but it's there. that makes me feel so good. there are a lot of things that i hear that just itch for a response from me yet i'm just taking it in and letting it pass me. that is a sign of maturity and growth on my behalf. my mouth is my biggest enemy. it brings me joy as well as pain. but that's who i am. it's my being so i won't eliminate it. i just recognize that my input isn't always necessary and it shouldn't be given. i seem to offend a lot of people lol i apologize for it, but i can't apologize too much. again. it's my being. it's what i'm made of.

.however i see change. and i'm ecstatic. i realized like 2 weeks ago that the change that i was so desperately longing for, had to start with me. i have to make those moves. i can't stay stagnant and hope to fall upon change. that makes no sense. i wouldn't possibly come across anything different and new if i'm not being different or new or doing anything different or new. i'm happy about these positive outcomes and steps that i'm making.

`i Thank God because He is the reason.

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