Monday, March 29, 2010

.in the blink of an eye, HER* whole life changed.

-i really need to start getting up and writing down my thoughts when i'm laying in bed. right before i fall asleep i think of the best things to write about, but when i finally get to my keyboard, those words slip my mind. bummer -_-

[moving on]

.if this weekend wasn't the BEST weekend i've had in a long time at Hampton, then i don't know what it was. i was surrounded by so many different aspects, people and emotions. every thing and every one that i encountered with this weekend, helped me come closer to the place that i've been missing for a while now. i finally found myself again. i felt so good. there wasn't a day when i was down, dwelling on something that i should have let go a while ago. i was happy and content. i was a good friend and i was with good friends. i can't go into much detail about my weekend and some of the events that went down lol but just know that it was awesome and RANDOM. heres a snippet.

.my roommate went home to Jersey for the weekend so it was just me to the house for the weekend. by the time i dropped her off, most of the gatherings that were going down for the night, had already popped off and were dying out so i just went home and watched some college basketball. and i treated myself to dessert lol. its been a while since i've treated myself to something that i can just have to myself. anyways. i was at a great peace which was soo bomb because earlier in the week, was pretty tough for me.

.i was supposed to go to this party on campus, but this weekend was one of my girls birthday so i went out with her and some other friends. before that i met up with my girlie Tasha so we could run some errands before meeting up with the birthday girl. we end up at a gas station and i go inside and i randomly get a scratch-off. i don't normally buy them, but i did that night and i won 20 dollars! i was sooo excited and thankful because i got paid earlier that day but my check was WACK because i went home for spring break. so the fact that i won 20 dollars meant that i didn't have to spend money that i didn't have. so we met up with the girls and bowled and laughed for a while. we then went to another friends house and chilled. i didn't get home until like 3 something almost 4! now that's pretty exciting for me because i normally work mornings on the weekend but on saturday i had to come in on the afternoon shift.

.work was cool. i was supposed to work from 2pm to 11pm but my boss let me get off an hour early! i was soo happy because i was dreading getting off at 11 especially since my friend was having a party and i wanted to go but i didn't want to get there too late and already have to leave early since i had work early the next morning. i came home and got myself together and then headed out to the party. lol i had a good time. :)

.i was wayyy too tired in the morning at work since i had to be there at 9 and i didn't get to sleep until 3. normally sunday's are really slow. but yesterday definitely was not. i was the only one working the shift, we just got a new system so i'm trying to figure out how to check people out accordingly, the trainer who brought the new system is in my manager's office asking me all these questions and making me do all these things, the phone is ringing off the hook, and there are a lot of guests in the lobby. that is not a normal sunday. i even had to call the cops on a guest who ran across the street from waffle house, were she worked, and came and kicked open the door to the lobby and caused a scene because the system said that she had to check out today and she paid for a later departure. i could have simply helped her but i was with guests and she was acting way to crazy and i already had an headache so i decided to deal with her with the cops present so i wouldn't lose my job lol because i was about to go APE and just leave the property. after that got settled, i had a lot left to do and it was time to go. i ended up leaving 15 minutes after i was scheduled to leave and i rushed to my school because i had to see this play. i get there and it turns out that when i picked up my ticket on friday, that i wasn't given the right ticket! i ended up having to sit up in the balcony, in the back row! i couldn't see anything! lol it wasn't my half of the day. the play was like a tyler perry play and i was toooo tired to tolerate it. i left and i ended up going to my friends cookout. and then my big brothers house. i had half of a 5 hour energy drink and by 130 i passed out in my bed.

.and here i am now! all smiles.

`sorry i couldn't detail it, but some things have to be left with me. ;)

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