Saturday, April 3, 2010


.this past week at school was Spring Fest and it was ok. i didn't go to the comedy show like i usually do because the people that they had on there are no names and even though the tickets were only 5 dollars, i'm not trying to waste any money when i don't have to. i did however pay to go to the concert on Thursday and it was soooo good.

`the performers were J.Cole, Teairra Mari (yeah, Teairra Mari), Roscoe Dash (-_-), and Ryan Leslie. I have both of J.Cole's mixtapes so i'm familiar with his music and his songs and he's a good rapper. i really like what he talks about but i really admire his personality. i love fresh artists. you know the kind that are new to the game, yet they aren't as popular yet so they are really putting out music that they are passionate and real to. they really love their fans and they are humble. i love to see that in artists. it really makes me sad to see an artist cross over because even though they think that they will be the same, it never will be. prime example, Trey Songz. i've been a fan of Trey's since his first album, Just Gotta Make It. i've even blogged about his song "In The Middle" which is off that album. Trey doesn't even sing songs about the things that he used to sing about. Now everything is about how good he is at sex. that's annoying. sing love songs about love, not lust. :( man i miss Trey. and it will be sad to see J.Cole go because he's such a sweetie. he gave out autographed XXL magazines since he's on the cover. psh in about 2 more years, that will be out the window. next up was Teairra Mari. yea i definitely don't know why my school booked her to perform. she's really basic, but i will admit the girl can sing! but she's basic and honestly my butt is HUGE compared to hers. lol she's beautiful though, but very basic. then Roscoe Dash came out with his people and i couldn't understand a word that he was saying. it was too many people talking at once and again i don't know why my school booked him to perform. the only song that he has out is "all the way turnt up" which came out LAST summer. the show was wrapped up with Ryan Leslie. ohhhh mannn he did his thing! i knew every song that he performed and he had everyone standing up without even asking us to. he's really talented and you can see that he truly loves music lol but you also can see HOW WEIRD HE IS! lol he's a little weirdo but it's cool. there's nothing wrong with it. but man he did his thing. i'm really glad that i went to the concert. :)

life is good.

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