Saturday, September 4, 2010

.happily ever after.

is this truly how men feel? yea i get that most of the marriage ceremony is primarily for the female, however a man isn't* going to marry someone whom they truly don't love and can't imagine spending the rest of their lives with. men will put up with the ceremony because he knows that that is the most important day of their wives lives

`i don't know, maybe it's just a observation that i've personally made, but i feel like most men are afraid of commitment. yes you may be committed right now to a female and is deeply in love with her and you don't see the point in getting married because it doesn't change anything but when you invest time and your life with someone, there are certain aspects of your life that you want secured and why wouldn't you want to share everything with that person. it's not that women have been brain washed, it's just something that is necessary once you've built a life with someone.
-but guys are even skeptical about simply being in a relationship with someone. just boyfriend/girlfriend. i had a recent conversation with some guy friends that they said that they keep a certain female in a safety net and still continue to do them for the "possibilities". there's a possibility that when they go out they may meet a female that they may "bag" or bone. -_- how often do you guys seriously meet someone and get that opportunity to do so. you guys don't want to be in a relationship because you still want to get as much as you can and it's not like you're pursuing these other girls for possible relationships, but merely for relations. and you drag this one girl along the way. the conversation was great but frightening at the same time.

--i want to get married, not just for the above reasons which were COMPLETELY valid, but because of the loving part of it.

women want commitment because we are emotional beings that are petrified. to know what someone is capable of is TERRIFYING. you never really know. with or without the titles of it all.

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dez said...

i agree with you too, the whole time he was talking i was like "dude, so u dont see the love in beauty in marrige??" thats crazy. part ignorant can i say? goodluck to him & finding that happy place e all long for tho.

dope blog tho my friend. i enjoyed it & ur a kick ass writer.