Friday, October 8, 2010

.my hump.

why do guys feel comfortable enough to actually walk around with their butts out? why do you think that it is any way CLOSE to being cute? it's not. it actually looks inviting. the fact that you are displaying your underwear and behinds out to the public. all it does is draw attention to your behinds -the same thing that attracts to many men to females. and then guys have the audacity to even wear a belt with their pants fall off of their butts? what's the purpose of that? it's funny because guys are always the first to say "no homo" get they are constantly doing homosexual things. it's quite fascinating how the male mind works.

`my theory is that the whole saggy pants thing started in jail. it let the other inmates know who was with it and when they were with it by the signal of the sagging pant, and BOOTY OUT.

-this whole thing is tied up with the skinny jean epidemic as well. it's like come on guys... for real? when did you think that was cute and appealing to females? are you trying to get a girl or a man?

.whatever floats your boat i guess.

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