Monday, October 11, 2010

.say it isn't so.

.so i'm extremely interested in male logic. i'm very curious to know why men think they way the think about certain things, -not because i'm a female that wants to "figure out the male species", but simply because the mass has a different opinion and reasoning in contrast to us females. i just simply want to know to know why? i'm a person who asks questions. not to be a rude or a jerk, but simply because i want to understand why. i wouldn't go as far as socrates lol but i'm pretty interested.

so i came across this video.

and i thought to myself "WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS??" and i immediately felt myself building thicker walls around myself. i couldn't believe that that's what men generally, actually thought. it just made me shake my head. i was discouraged and disgusted. it made me think immeadiately about the guys that have been in my life or have tried to be in my life and it was sort of sickening. i asked the question on both facebook and twitter (@amazing_bianca) and i was actually surprised to see that men really do agree with this guy. -who i'm guessing is the ambassador to men?

`then i really thought about it. and though it's DISGUSTING, it makes perfect sense. forgive me ladies but i'm trying to think with rationale. men are physical beings. and that's point blank period. i'm not saying that men are JUST physical beings nor am i saying they are limited to simply being physical beings. but the truth and facts is that they are. 9 times of 10, a man will approach a female even to just ask a question, that they are physically attracted to. why else is this man speaking to you? men don't want friendships with women. they want sex. even if they are a gentleman who will wait it out and be respectable. as soon as you open that door of sex, they will gladly welcome themselves inside. so i get that they will immeadiately know if they want to just have sex.

i'm a little ify on the topic of them determining if they want to be in a relationship or not. i mean i've heard guys say after seeing a BOMB.COM girl that they'd "wife her" but you can't simply know based off of first visual contact if you want to be in a relationship or not. but then again, i almost forgot! men are physical beings. and men often "wife" dummies or even hoes. it's about what looks good. right?


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