Monday, November 1, 2010

.she got a DONK!

.so yesterday was halloween and me and my RIDE|OR|DIE ending up being ballerinas after our many home-made attempts of slaves,pin up girls, and greek goddesses.

i did it with a twist. lol

`so i had a butt-pad on while i was a ballerina and OH MY GOSH! i've never been so thankful for the semi-small donk that i have! guys were all on me like vultures! they were surrounding me while i danced, they kept trying to dance with me, and they were even grabbing and touching me. i mean as an attractive female, i usually get asked to dance and even grabbed and touched BUT IT IS NOTHING LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ON SATURDAY NIGHT! the wildest part about it is that these foolio's didn't even notice that it was OD FAKE. how can you see me everyday for the past 2 months and then in one night my booty grows to this abnormal size? all they saw was sex. lol it's funny though. i mean i wasn't surprised at their reactions. i was even dancing all crazy just teasing and throwing it around lol. after that, we egged people.

best sober night of my life.

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