Saturday, December 18, 2010

.can't believe that it's over baby.

.i'm home for Christmas/winter break! it feels awesome to be back in New Jersey. it still hasn't hit me though, this is actually my LAST semester of this long chapter of college. next it's career, family, and the rest of my life. i've been holding on for 4 years now and it's almost over. fresh start. the emotions haven't yet settled in. maybe that will change next semester when i do realize that it's over. lately i have been thinking about the past and the people that i've had experiences with. i wonder how it's all going to end come the last week of school.

the year is also almost over. this long growing year. i won't get blog too much about it right now because i still have some time to bask in this eventful year.

i'm happy. though at times i get sad (like everyone else in the world), i'm happy. :)

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