Monday, January 17, 2011

.should i stay or should i go?.

.we seek advice, yet we don't always take it. but it seems like whenever i do take my friends advice, i end up hating what i did. and it ALWAYS ends up being something that i can in no way get out of. and it almost ALWAYS ends up being about the same thing.

i regret it big time. i definitely would have done it so much differently. this would have happened, don't get me wrong, but it wouldn't be at the expense that this was what i was advised to do.

i don't want to take anyone's advice anymore. i like to know what you think, but doing what you say, it's not for me. i'm not happy. and i shouldn't allow you that much power into my life.

`maybe i'm just being dramatic. looking at the big picture, this is all about of the chapter. i can't wait until i'm reflecting back. i don't want go through it right now.

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