Sunday, March 20, 2011

.what would you do?.

.so over the past 4 years, i've dated a couple of guys but i dated this one in particular throughout the 4 years. we were never official and though some people knew about us, not a lot of people did. (well at least i didn't think so) but since we weren't official and i'm guessing if you asked him, he would say that we were just friends, about 93% of his friends, close and distant, have tried to get at me. he didn't even personally introduce me to some of these guys, the world is just that small. two of his best friends have tried to get at me on several occasions. now i've met some pretty cool guys who i wouldn't have minded getting to know better, but out of respect for the guy and "what we had" (smh) i just ignored the guys. i mean i know that at the end of the day, title or no title, if he found out and people knew about us, then i'd be a homie smasher or a girl that got tossed around. it's no fair! i can't help it that we have mutual friends! -of course i would by NO MEANS AT ALL EVER date his best friends, though they've been trying for years. that's just out of hand. my question is would i be OD if i dated a mutual friend that he wasn't close to? the world is small, and i'm tired of giving him that much power. besides thinking about it, i think he tried to go on a date with a girl he KNEW i knew!

smh. every day i realize how much of a scumbag he was. whatever.

the only fear i have about potentially dating one of his friends, is the fact that i would be labeled something that i'm not. the situation is so much different than the typical homie smasher. i don't even know that they know each other 99.9% until like 2 months of knowing them. that doesn't seem too bad. maybe if a right friend comes along, i may give one the time of day. what do you think?

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