Thursday, April 7, 2011

.but i don't know why i keep calling, why i keep calling you.

.the safe way, the simple way, "the straight hair way".

i was watching Sex and The City, and it was the episode where Big sends Carrie the invitation to his engagement party with the other* woman. Carrie and the girls were out for drinks and Carrie realizes that her relationship was similar to that of Hubble and Kate (from "The Way We Were"; which is a classic love story of two people who deeply love each other but have separate lives. Hubble couldn't live up to Kate's expectations and though they've married, had a child, and divorced, he's with a straight hair, simple girl, which is totally different from the curly hair, outspoken Kate). Like Kate, Carrie is the curly headed girl who loves Big and Big loves her but they just can't be. (well during this time anywhos) Carrie runs into Big as he's getting in the limo with his new fiancée and she asks him why wasn't her? For they've had this on again, off again relationship for some time now. And he said "he didn't know". But it's not that he didn't know. It was because with his straight-haired new love, it was simple, safe and easy. There was no taming, no curves, swoops, or turns in the relationship. He wasn't at any risks. Everything was simple and worry free. No detangling.

and here i sit with my curly hair. rejected time after time for the straight hair (whether it be permed or natural.)

`maybe i'm just out of their league?

"Your girl is lovely, Hubble"
-i wish you two the best kid. i'm not stupid, i know what's going on.

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Armando said...

This is very insightful...

People choose safe and easy because they are scared. Scared to take a chance, scared to put it all on the line.

Awesome post!