Thursday, May 12, 2011


.sorry for my delay in blogging. the internet service over at the hotel SUCKS at night when everyone is back in their rooms trying to skype or facebook. anywhos...

FRANCE is beautiful! well CANNES is beautiful. i'm staying right across from the beach which is on the Mediterranean Sea apart of the the French Riviera. :) I ran three miles today along the beach side. There are mountains and colorful houses everywhere. The people here are really nice. I haven't encountered a rude American-hating French person yet, maybe when I head over to Paris. I've been getting so much attention from these GORGEOUS European men, it's crazy! I mean I've heard that they love women of color and of course in my case Exotic women ;-) (haha) but WOW! I'd seriously consider living over here. I knew that I'd come over here and fall in love. <3

My internship is cool. I'm doing international sales alongside this company The Yari Group. It's cool and easy. The only tough part is staying focused since I'm still dealing with jet-lag. It's 6:39am at home and it's almost 1 in the afternoon here. I definitely need sleep. I've been the point where I just pass out and wake up not even knowing that I went to sleep. haha

The plane ride was good. They served me wine on the flight to London. I was a bit excited about that. And I was on the plane with Jude Law from London to Nice, France. He said hello to everyone that he walked past and I just nonchalantly said hey. lol didn't want to sweat him and let him know I was in town. He has business to take care out here. haha.

So Kanye West is out here and is going to be attending a party this weekend. YOU KNOW THAT I'M SUPER HYPED AND I'M OD TRYING TO GET INTO THIS PARTY!!! How amazing would that be??

I'll holler and attempt to upload some pictures again. the internet truly BLOWS.

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