Friday, May 20, 2011

.Monaco && Monte Carlo.

Yesterday I went on a little trip to Monaco. It was about an hour away and the train ride was about 16 euros. The train ride was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I definitely had time to think and reevaluate my life and the people in it.. but that's another blog post. When we got there we met this American guy named Gary. He was really cool and he was staying in The Fairmont Hotel which was the most expensive hotel in the area. He kept bragging about it and the fact that he had so much money and didn't go to college. Kudos to you sir, but if you're not giving me what I want, (those of you close to me know what i really want) then you sharing is irrelevant to me lol. He ended up going out lunch with us and walked around the city and took some pics with us and of the gorgeous city. We walked past the hotel that James Bond was filmed at. It was also the Grand Auto Prix car show so I got to see all of these GORGEOUS, AMAZING, POPPING cars just riding in the streets of this little place. It was OD expensive. smh I'm not really interested in coming back until I have the proper funds lol

Here are some pics:

Afterwards I went to some movie screenings and then we hit up some bars and a club. I had a great time at the club. They played a lot of disco and some current pop songs out here and in the US. It doesn't matter really lol everyone in the program was on and we were all dancing together enjoying each other. It's going to be a bit sad when we all depart but I'll save that for Sunday. At the club, I somehow got a hold of some wings, since I'm angelic and all that O:-)

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