Sunday, May 15, 2011

.Movie, Bar, Kanye, KeBab, Taxi.

Last night was a great night. I finallllllly went to see a movie. It's actual pretty hard even though it's a film festival. I went to go see Xi Wu. It was a Japanese movie that of course entailed some serious fighting. The story line was really good and one of the actors was SUPER GORGEOUS. (ha I'm always finding someone super gorgeous, especially from other countries. blehh to the Americans) I went with three guys that I met out here from different backgrounds. We definitely looked like an interesting group. The only bad thing about the movie experience, was that I fell asleep for like 7 minutes during the movie! Yes I know, terrible, but it's really weird getting used to time difference and my naps that I try to take usually consist of like 3 hours gone. So I didn't nap yesterday except in the movie lol. Luckily no one saw. :)

After the movie, we walked to the bar called Sun 7. On the way there we got stopped by one of the many photographers and let them snap some pictures of us. I, of course, felt like the H&M model I secretly desire to be, and worked the camera, with the help of a friend. ;-) The bar was really cool and I tried some good drinks.

We then decided it was time to get into this Kanye West party. I'm sure you know and have read how much that I've been relating to him and this last album, so when I heard that He of all people would be here of all places while I'm here, I knew that it was meant to be. I had to make my way to the party and concert. So we found it. It was right on the beach, and I was able to see the concert that he put on. :D I've never been to a concert of his so I was really stoked about it all. Especially the fact that I got to experience is here in France. It makes it so much more special for me.

I suck at keeping track of time out here so I think it was 1ish, when we found some little place open. Most of the places here are always open especially down by the heart of the festival, but they are all little cafes that serve pizza and crepes. I wasn't really in the mood, so we found this KeBab place. The KeBab wasn't like the typical KeBab that we eat in America. It was like a wrap, with onions, tomato, lettuce, and LAMB!!! It was the best little sheep I ever had. haha :D

So I had on these super high heels with this back-less black dress -I always have to look good out here, especially if I'm going to see Kanye lol, and by this time my feet were killing me! Beauty has a heavy price. We wait to catch a cab and I'm engaged in a conversation and then these drunk American girls who think they are from Cannes because they are doing an overseas school program start getting a little reckless out the mouth. I called them ugly and insecure since they really tried to pick a fight and let that be that. We can argue all you want, you will still be ugly. (people really hate being called ugly in an argument lol it's funny but I'm sure I'd be upset just the same)

We got home, and I fell asleep with my iPod in hand as I was skyping and facebooking away. This morning I woke up late and rushed to my internship. I'm exhausted but I'd definitely do it again.


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