Saturday, June 4, 2011

.if you don't want me than don't talk to me.

I'm not the best texter, emailer, facebooker, tweeter, in the world. Some times I take a few minutes to get back to you and I'm working on it. But when it's done to me I CAN'T STAND IT. That's only when it comes to certain people. This entry is personal and its directed to one person.

I HATE that you start a conversation with me via text then take HOURS to respond. Why do you do that? Or if I say or suggest something like "hey I'd like to cook for us soon." and you take 7 hours to respond and only do so because I said never mind I'm over it. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I understand maybe twenty minutes later, and that's a stretch but 7 hours? You're just rude. That makes me feel terrible. The fact that you can't give me a response or just a bit of attention to say ok just makes tons of things run through my mind. And God forbid I take my time in responding to you. You won't stop texting me until I give you a response. But when it comes to me, nothing. Who do you think you are?

Make up your mind. Either you want to talk to me, or you don't. Don't contact me if you aren't going to be consistent. You are consistently inconsistent and my patience is extremely low. I don't have a high tolerance for things like that anymore and I will totally ignore and never respond. I've done it to plenty of people.

I don't think I can do this.

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