Tuesday, July 26, 2011

.cut me like surgery.

On a slight twitter rant, I tweeted about how our generation has endless means to communicate yet we suck at communication. When it's time to deal with a problem especially face to face, it's not handled. I've argued and had plenty of serious discussions with a friend who only liked to do so in text form. He would never call me to have the talk and God forbid he actually had the talk with me in person! It's just so annoying. How can you really determine how someone feels through text? You are determining my tone. You can't see the hurt, seriousness or even playfulness in my message. It's sad that we lack such important skills.

I thought I was a pretty good communicator. But apparently I ball up and hide behind a shell despite blogging my every emotion. There's a reason why I runaway. I'm a runaway love.

It's my fault, so I'll leave. There isn't anything else I can give or show. I tried.

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