Friday, July 8, 2011

.i still care.

While listening to Beyonce's "4", you can definitely hear familiar emotions that probably every woman has felt. While I was just showering, I was listening to "I Care" and I think I put one finger on why women stick around and "still care".

We typically see the potential in a guy that we really like or love. We see the vulnerabilities that are seldom and that's pretty much all that we need sad to say. We are pretty much yours in the beginning stages if we are truly interested in the person that you are when you are "getting to know someone." You then have your ups and downs and you still stay. Even after they give you no reasons to and practically beg you to go. Its rare that they even take it to being exclusive and will give you the broadest answer as to why it won't work out. Yet you've answered the phone, responded to the texts, skyped and facebooked all the while because deep down, you know that he's not going anywhere. right? wrong.

Women stick around and "still care" because they don't want to see that man be everything they know he can be with and for them, with someone else. That all that time invested, all the tears, laughs, fights, and even sex, was just a layover. Women are holding on because they think that when he gets it together and comes to his senses and realizes what he wants, that he will go looking for her and it will be a "happy ending."

Well I don't believe in "happy endings" anymore.

I doubt that "he" will ever come looking for me.


DrunkMistake said...
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A2D said...

One of your best posts ever.