Tuesday, September 6, 2011

.giving up is way harder than trying.

who believes you?

`i'm not a mind reader, nor can I remember my previous life. everything i go through is new to me, so I deal with it accordingly and though I would prefer to run away, push it to the side, ignore it, i face the fact because giving up is way harder than trying. these unfamiliar situations help to shape my character and toughen my skin.

yesterday marked the end of a chapter. Labor Day marks the end of summer and fall weather is amongst us. when I say my mind-set has changed for the positive, it's certain. i know i allowed gloom to linger, but i'm promising you that it's gone.

I emailed some of the people that I interviewed with and got extremely positive feedback and even some promising information. tomorrow I'm continuing my job search, and i'm even going to see my friend get married on thursday. change starts within. i learned that last year and it's so crazy how quickly i've forgotten. there is so much power in the mind and i let my power go..letting insecurities, jealousy and pettiness enter my thoughts. but all of that is changing. i can feel it. it's close.


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