Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday I was told "your problem is that you have it all figured out."

Does it seem that way?

I didn't take that comment negatively or anything, but I can't really imagine, not dreaming or pushing towards those things that I want. I admit, when and if I end up down a road that I didn't imagine for myself, I do try to figure out the reasons or justifications for not being on the path that I thought I'd be down. There are two things that I want right now more than ever. Everyday I pray for, wish for, and think about things. I get so anxious about them and its extremely hard for me to grasp with the reality that RIGHT NOW, these things aren't mine -because I will get them. Hard work and dedication. I've been dedicated and I'm working hard and trying.

I don't want to come off as if I'm a "know it all" though, because I'm not. I'm knowledgeable but I don't know it all and I'm learning everyday. "The hardest part of life is embracing the life you never dreamed of." I'm learning to deal with that now. I have no doubt that the life I want will come to me, I just thought they'd be here a bit faster. It is very interesting dealing though. I will admit. Its been one interesting journey.

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