Monday, October 10, 2011

.lotus flower bomb.

Things have been changing.

guess I'll give a little update. I'm currently working two jobs and I'm really happy to be busy. The money will be great and I really just like to be busy. I've been told that I'm working two jobs to stay out of the house, but whatever. I have to do what I have to do. I'm still keeping up with the pushing and pressing of finding a career type of job. I have my moments when I'm down, but this is all a part of my story.


So I'm kind of sort of interested in this guy. This is pretty big for me because unlike the last couple of potentials, I'm actually attracted to this person. Normally I just befriend people and they get too excited and mix my signals and I'm just in no way attracted to them at all. But this guy I am and I'm so nervous. I'm not comparing him to any other past experience or anything like that. I'm more so comparing myself. I just hope that I do things right. I invested a lot of time into someone before and I thought I was doing the right things along the way and then I hit a wall and found out I wasn't. I just don't want to hit that wall again and it's really scary lol I'm going with the flow of things and I'm not really serious about the feelings and tingles just yet, but I'm not sure. We speak a lot. I don't know. lol I feel childish. I just don't want things to go bad like they've done in the past.


I spoke to one of my many ears, Elliott today and it was so great hearing from him. It's good to hear how much he's matured over the years. It was really just what I needed. A lot of people go through the same things and have the same thoughts, but what separates you from the others is your drive and your passion. You have to listen and hear what's out there for you. He told me that my blog lacks content though, so I guess I'll blog a bit more.

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