Monday, October 17, 2011

.Robbing the Cradle.

So I was checking my old email account that spam has completely taken over, and I saw a spam email from and it made me think about how these men are dating someone who could be their daughter!

How young would you date?

When we get older, we never really think about the actual age difference but I like to think about it in terms of child ages. Like if I'm 21 and I'm dating someone 7 years younger than be, I'm dating someone that's 14, the same age as my sister. When does 31 dating 7 years younger become acceptable? That right there grosses me out.

I do admit, I'm always the younger person. Everyone that I've gone out on dates with have been at least 6 months to a year older than me. I wonder how they felt? Seems like its not an issue with men. They don't really care much about it.

But how young is too young? I'm really interested in knowing.
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