Tuesday, November 1, 2011

.happily ever after.

What happened to the sanctity of marriage and love?

First off I'm SO ANNOYED by all of the coverage that Kim Kardashian got for 1. Getting married and now 2. For getting a divorce. Seriously America? That's the headline news? We care this much about someone's life? Someone is profits on selling herself sexually, figuratively and literally? Someone who is a part of the media and Hollywood's destruction of love and marriage? Thank God I didn't watch that waste of time, money, and energy that just premiered like last week. SMH If this isn't people's wake up call about her and her family and THE TONS OF MONEY WASTED on her life when our country is billions of dollars in debt! Its sick.

I'm not married nor am I in love but when I'm ready to make that commitment to someone, its going to be real. Separations aren't a divorce! You are still married and though there may be different situations, circumstances and reasons for your behavior, you still made a promise and a vow not only to your mate but to yourself. I know so many people who have cheated on their spouses. Many of which are my generations parents which is totally insane being that their parents have records of being married for over 20 years. When you are married especially with kids, you are selfless. You are no longer two seperate unit. How can you just break apart and hurt your family like that? What about the children that are involved? Yeah we have to live for ourselves and we each have our own lives and happiness but when did giving up or giving into temptation or selfishness become just the norm? Its so sad and disgusting. A lot of people I know don't agree with me and that's fine. I don't just feel this way about this due to biblical reasons, but mainly because my parents didn't do it right at all and I've got to do better. I believe in we, us, and my to-be family too much already to let anything, anyone, or myself tear it down.

When its for real its forever with me. That's how I've always been and that's how I always will be.
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