Friday, December 30, 2011

.people make the world go 'round.

The other day I came across this story in Detroit about a possible serial killer. I am totally intrigued and fascinated about this. I know that it's sick, disturbing, and terrible and trust me, I'm not interested in it because of the actuality of it, but I'm more so intrigued because things like this doesn't normally happen in these times.

Most of the television shows that interest me are serious series on movie networks. My summer winter shows just wrapped up and they happen to be "Boardwalk Empire" and "Dexter". Both shows showcase things that are really foreign to my generation -prohibition in New Jersey and a serial killer. Now of course prohibition is history but I really admire the mobster aspect of it. We don't have notorious mobster families anymore. And of course, Dexter is about a serial killer that works for homicide department of Miami Police. I am a history junkie. I love to learn and explore things that happened and over the past couple of decades, the trending murder type seems to be child abduction. There hasn't been a serial killer since the D.C. Sniper and before that, I don't even remember. The fact that someone is out there and serial killing is crazy! It's extremely scary and trust me I'm afraid, but this is so risky! And out of the norm!

...hmm or maybe I'm just too fascinated with Dexter- WHICH HAD AN AMAZING ENDING THIS SEASON! Definitely caught me off guard! I seriously can't wait another YEAR to see what happens next!!

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