Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Song For You.

Today I came across some really good music. I may be late on some but I was right on time for one! This morning around 5 am, I was still up and I randomly went on Twitter and saw Kid Cudi was tweeting about his song "Teleport2Me" and I fell in love. I have a thing for Scott so I knew I'd dig it but I reallllly dig it. I like when guys make girl songs :D

"Getting in from the airport
Getting in from a steady groove
The only thing missing at this point
Is bonafide chillin' time with you
I can't stand the times when I'm alone at night
And I feel the side of your bed and it's cold
I'm wide awake and I don't know the time
Cause I'm too busy texting you on my phone

I want you, girl
I need your body
Right here
Won't you teleport 2 me?"

<3 ahhhhhh !!

**I also downloaded Amy Winehouse's Lioness: Hidden Treasures. <3 I love this woman's voice and this album!! I really just love good music. I have such an broad taste and I love that even more. That's one thing that I really admire about myself. My diversity and desire to adapt and relate and just know about different things, cultures, sounds, textures, and feelings.

I have to marry the man with 85% of the same kind of music on his iPOD as mine.

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