Sunday, January 22, 2012


I can no longer question why things are the way they are. I have to patient and continue on pressing through the tough times because I'm only getting closer to my blessings. I have to put the confusion to the side because it's just a distraction from what the end goal is. I'm a person to loves change and I have come across the biggest change of my life and didn't know how to accept it. But everything happens for a reason and the change is necessary and a part of my blessing. My focus is blurred but it's becoming clearer.

Church really helps me out. It's so important to me to have a relationship with God. That's very important. I encourage you to seek Him. My life is at times in shambles and when I feel lost, I seek God and I feel so much better.

I will no longer question why I wasn't fought for. I will no longer allow myself to be down over things I can't control. I will trust in Him.

!! :)

(man I really want my rosary)

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