Tuesday, January 17, 2012

.teach me.

I was just told that I complain too much. And though I was venting about some serious issues that's going on right now, I realized that in fact I do.

"Stop complaining and get things done." were the words that he basically said. (after switching some words around of course)

After I was told that, I just shut my mouth and decided that it's true. I do complain a lot. Especially now more than ever. I need to stop being a "crybaby."

But then again, I'm a female and there's no doubt that I'm not strong, but I do have complaints. Yes, God brings me to situations for a reason but some times I need to let it out. I hold enough in and there's things that I need help and guidance with. I didn't feel bad or offended when I was told this. It only sucked because I "complain" to him because I enjoy talking to him about things.

ahhh. I'll just save my complaints for my journal. I guess I should stop complaining to you guys too.

lol sorry :-/


M I N G said...

I would def be a complainer if it was for my blog. I rant on their, and keeps me sane and helps me get some wise and funny opinions ; )

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

dont feel bad...we all do it:)