Wednesday, February 1, 2012

.Even your very best friend tried to warn me on the low.

I have a friend whose ex-boyfriend just won't give up on her. She is with someone else now and he keeps apologizing and he even told her "even if I have to wait 50 years, I will." Now some people may think that's crazy and a bit much, but I admire it. Seeing him fight for it and put his pride to the side is admirable. He's not denying how he feels and he let's her know. That just shows me that romance and chivalry isn't dead. At a young age, our perception of dating, love, and even romance can be tarnished but it's all an experience.

Maybe it's just me but I never give up hope. I always leave room for "the chance". Maybe I watch too many movies but I feel like if it's for real, it's forever and you won't give up, and you'll fight for it. Of course you have to come to the point where you see of you are the only one fighting or you see if you need to let it go. Hmm maybe I just love craziness. I'd love to have someone fight for me. When you make someone crazy, that shows they love you. Right? Hmm I think it truly excites me because I'm so passive and I'm attracted to guys who don't take off their cool. I'm always guessing.

Fight for me!!! lol

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