Monday, February 20, 2012

.put ya name on it.

So Rihanna and Chris Brown have come out with a raunchy song that some say is subliminal to their current relationship status. I usually can care less about celebrity hook ups but being that this situation is so highly publicized due to their misfortune a couple years back, I have an opinion. Most people are upset that they are potentially back together or upset at the fact that they are seen together and are making music together. I think it's not our business, but being that they are celebrities and without public infatuation, their success wouldn't be, the world is forced and super intrigued to see how this plays out.

I love it. I think that they should do whatever makes them happy. Now as a young woman who can openly admit to being in love with someone before, I can say that (in my situation) though he did some things that I didn't like and my friends hated, I went back to him. People are going to mess up and yes Chris Brown's mess up was a bit much and uncalled for, it's still a mess up. The same people that are going so hard about how dumb Rihanna and Chris are for their current condition are hypocrites because they know damn well if their first love came back to them after a period of time, still showing love and even shows change (not saying I see any change in either Chris' or Rihanna's attitude towards each other), they would gladly take them back with open arms. I say this from a familiar place. Imagine how those two felt. A huge reason why they weren't together was because of what every one else didn't want to see. I'm so hopeful and excited about young love. You rarely see the couple that grew up together, stick it through. Someone else always gets the benefits of the struggle you endured with someone else and that is ok. Cool. Lesson learned, growing experience. But what happened to those couples with years under their belt. That stuck it out or tried despite what everyone thought? That didn't just let that person walk away. That forgave each other and talked and tried. What happened to the couple that tried?

I'm just being honest.

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