Wednesday, February 8, 2012

.A song that reminds you of your "first love".


I was in love with this boy from 4-8th grade. LOL This Colombian boy. He was so short, but I was in love. We rode the same bus together and he was a year older than me. My school was super small so we went on numerous band/choir trips together -I was in the chorus and he played the trumpet. But he never spoke to me. I was pretty ugly in elementary/middle school and he was a fresh boy and OF COURSE I'M A GOOD GIRL! I couldn't imagine "making out" in 8th grade. (yea I grew up late lol) Ahh I love him. I would write his name in all my books and get nervous when he's walk by. His name was Kristian. I remember one day I was writing on the foggy mirror in the bathroom "I Love Kristian" and when my mom walked in I hurried and wrote "I Love being a Christian" lmaooooo. Those were the good old days. I saw him for the first time in years this past summer and he looked like eh. lol guess love doesn't last forever.

Obsession- Aventura. -yea I'm on my spanish flow too ;-)

Does this even count as my first love?? The kid ignored me except for like 3 occasions. Oh my goodness I remember when my best friends got him to take a picture with me during his 8th grade graduation. I look BEYOND awkward and scared. LMAO oh my goodness.

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