Saturday, February 11, 2012

.You're a mean one Mr. Grinch.

So my mom is back !!(yaaay thank God) She's been back for about a week and everything is pretty normal but last night she came in around 3am. (It should have been reversed but that's another entry lol) And though that's not a problem, she is in fact a grown woman, she came in loudly on the phone, waking up me and my dog, causing him to bark frantically and on top of being on the phone, she had it on speakerphone and was walking around the house laughing while this man was screaming at the top of his lungs. I had to be at work early today. I picked up some Saturday shifts and I am terrible sleeping habits. Its really hard for me to fall asleep. It takes me way longer than the average 7 minutes it takes the usual person. On top of all of this, I don't have a room so it's not like I'm secluded in my sleeping area. So I yelled that I had to work in the morning and if she could be a bit more considerate. When my mom was working, we had to be completely quiet. I wouldn't dare walk in at that time and then be loud and turn all the lights on! That's OD. But when it comes to me, nope it doesn't matter. It's just Bianca. So this morning, she woke me up before my alarm clock and then I heard her talking about me to her friends. I HATE WHEN MY MOTHER DOES THAT. Like I see red and I feel the fumes coming out of my body whenever I hear her chatting away about things happen because she always makes me out to be that bad guy. ALWAYS. Then she tells me how none of her friends like me. She was telling her friend that I just opened the door and started screaming at her because I heard that she was talking to her boyfriend. (She thinks I don't like him when it fact, I could really care less about the relationship unless he does something OD) So when I heard that I went in her room and said no you came in at 3am talking loudly with the speakerphone on while I had to wake up at 730 for work this morning. Stop making me seem like the bad guy. She got mad and yelled at me and then I left. Yea I have an attitude problem at times just like the next person, but please don't be inconsiderate!

I can't stand an inconsiderate person. Think about how you want to be treated before you go and mess up my day.

I wish I had a sleep over buddy. Yea I spend the night with Nikki like all the time, buttttttt it would be nice to have someone else lol.

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