Friday, May 25, 2012

.I mean why else?

I have a friend who thinks that her ex (or whatever he is) the guy that she's liked for a couple years now is gay. She's been trying to figure this guy out. She's tried all attempts to seduce him. Sent this pictures, sent the dirty text messages, she even sent VIDEOS! She texts him and just tells him that she's on the way to his house and she's ready and he tells her no every single time. She doesn't understand because they are young and she wants to have fun. Isn't the goal of the average person in their early twenties just on the brink of adulthood beginning their lives? To have wild fun at wild places and make wild memories? She just doesn't understand why there are so many hard limits with this guy. This guy who should be taking full advantage of the youth and innocence of the whole thing. Especially when he says that he wants her but they just can't. She's tried to figure out why time and time again. She's consulted her friends and her parents trying to get everyone's advice on what she should do and how she should interpret things. And the only thing that makes sense to her is that he's gay. He must be gay.

Who turns down guaranteed awesomeness and fun. A night or nights of great memories? What 23 year old man turns that down? One that's not interested in girls! That's what she's telling herself to make her feel better about the situation.

He may not be gay. He probably isn't. It may just be that he's not attracted to her anymore despite him saying that he is and even sending pictures of himself trying to prove otherwise. That all goes out the window, especially when you're turning her down and telling her no. That you shouldn't do it. He has total control. Total. He controls the sex. Or the lack thereof quite honestly. He must not be interested anymore to turn down available and good sex. Well I can't say that I know that it's good or not. lol

Man oh Man. When a man turns down sex, that's a scary thing. Run for the hills girl.

We laugh and call him gay now because it adds humor to the situation. It seems to make her feel better about it too.

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