Friday, June 1, 2012

.Farewell A&E.

Today is my last day at A&E Networks. Crazy. Just last year it was around this time when I went on my first interview at this company for the position that I have now and here I am after 2 and half months, I'm moving on to work at ABC on the Katie Couric Show.

Look at how good GOD is. Everything truly works on his timing. I try to remind myself that constantly, that I need to not cry and pout and catch the tantrums because God always looks out. But it's on his time. I have to reach points in my life first. That's the hardest part. Staying patient, when what you want is right there in your face. I often wonder why God puts me through the "patience" test as much as He does.

I'm really excited about this next step. I'm definitely going to have to work really hard and I'm ready for it. I'm ready to put in the work and show what I'm capable of! I really feel things changing and shifting in my life. Where I would normally focus on and dwell on isn't really that important to me anymore. All that I'm concerned about is how I can shine over at my new job. How I can impress them and how I can make them like me.

I guess this farewell to A&E is pretty symbolic to a couple of farewells in my life. Yesterday was my grandmother's funeral so I said farewell to her along with a couple of other emotional attachments I've found myself having. This is the end of this and the start of something new. I feel really positive today.

Super positive. Maybe it was from all the fun I had last night.


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