Monday, August 27, 2012

Groove Theory

I actually can't believe that I'm posting this but whatever! There's so much more to me than the words that I blog, text, tweet, and email and because this is just an internet-based relationship that we have, I figured I should add some videos so you get a chance to feel like you know me.

On Friday, I went to karaoke with a couple of friends. I had a couple of drinks and above is what I ended up sounding like. I sang "Tell Me If You Want Me To" by Groove Theory. I also sang "Neither One of Us" by Gladys Knight. I'm not quite sure how well I did for myself, but people really seemed to like how I sang and this one creepy guy kept taking pictures of me as if he was the paparazzi. It's funny because the last time I went there and sang, people were crying and asked me to do a duet with them. Haha yea I think it's pretty funny too. My friend kept encouraging me to sing so I did it.


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