Monday, August 20, 2012



People are seriously socially awkward?

I've heard the stories and even know someone who tells me that they are socially awkward but I don't really believe them. I always reply if you're so socially awkward then why do you talk to me? And they always say "well you're easy to talk to". 

It's such an interesting thing to me once I meet someone or find out that they have social issues. Not that I'm a social butterfly, but I love engaging in conversations, real life conversations with people. I love to see their facial expressions, I love to hear the laughter, I love to see the excitement in the stories that they share, and experience their passions. I honestly just thought that that's the way every one feels when it comes to talking to others in real life. But people seem to have issues with that.

I know quite a few people who love rely heavily on social networking sites and texting. They don't like to talk on the phone and don't really have much to say in public. You can almost ALWAYS find them on their phones when you're around them and they save the real, heavy conversations for text messages. That's not normal. 

I also know quite a few people who don't really talk that much in public. LOL I promise I don't think it's weird because I'M TALKING ALLLLLLL THE TIMEEEEEE. But some people really feel uncomfortable speaking to others. For example, there's someone in the office that speaks to only 5 people. She's always alone and when others say good morning or hello, she kind of stays to herself. We have over 90 people here on staff, so it's odd for this one person to have such a social issue with speaking to people that she sees. I at first took it personal, but then I realized that she's socially awkward and it doesn't seem like she really knows how to interact. Whenever I hear her talking to one of the five that she feels comfortable around, she DUMPS tons of information in a 3 minute conversation where the other person just kind of walks away and leaves her standing there awkwardly in the hallway by herself where she then says "ok" then walks to her office.

I want to figure out why people have such social issues and how they've come to have them. 

I'm always that person though. The one that is "easy to talk to". I just love getting to know people. I love that feeling of really knowing someone. Just by looking at them and knowing just exactly what they are thinking. I love having that kind of connection with someone. It's definitely one of my top favorite things.

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