Monday, August 20, 2012

We All Want The Same Thing

The Rihanna interview last night was so good. She was such an open and real person and it was definitely emotions that everyone could relate to.

I'm such a dreamer. I'm THE ultimate dreamer to be exact.

I love that Rihanna still loves Chris Brown. I love it. I love that she loves him even after what happened, even though the world doesn't like him for her, and even with him being with someone else right now. I love that she's open about it and she admits it and she's not ashamed.

There's just something about when it's for real it's forever that sticks out to me. It's like deep down you just know that feelings will never change. It's scary and yet wonderful. Scary because people, instances, and circumstances change. And some people never change. You just have to love your hardest from a far. It's wonderful because you know that love really and truly does exist. That it is possible to love someone over and over again. Falling for them over and over again. How wonderful is that? Only if it's an healthy, reciprocated environment of course.

Something that I liked that she said was a piece of advice that her grandmother gave her.

"Marry someone who loves you more than you love them" because women will always give more naturally and you want to be met half way.

Last night in bed, I realized that I haven't been truly happy in 2 years. Since summer 2010. Wow. I've been unhappy for 2 years? It's funny because I remember writing that being in my 20s was definitely going to be interesting and these past 2 years really have been. I can't believe I allowed myself to be so unhappy in exchange for another happiness.

I will never do that again. EVER.

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