Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas

I often feel pretty down around Christmas time. I'm always thinking about people that aren't around and it just makes me really sad. This year will be the first Christmas without my Grandma and that's pretty hurtful but I'll get through it. I've managed a couple of Christmas' without my loved ones.

I also don't really like to celebrate Christmas because I don't get many gifts, if any anymore. Yeaaaa I know it's a petty reason to dislike the day lol but hey it's the truth! I have nothing to hide. Growing up I was spoiled. I got the best and always had the best and THOUGHTFUL gifts. But being that my mom is separated and going through a major financial slump, I haven't had a good Christmas since my sophomore year in college. *insert a "woe is me" song of your choice*. I love to give but I also love to get gifts! I like to feel thought about and special! I like to be spoiled. I know my mom can't get me anything like she'd like and I've expressed that to her. But it always sucks looking at and hearing about all the amazing things that everyone around me has gotten. I miss those days but hey, I know it won't be like this forever so I don't let it get me down. I'm thankful for what I do have and the help that I do get. My dad was never really a giver. I can ask him for specific things and he never gets them. He tells me that "that's what a boyfriend is for." ....right. Thanks Dad! -_____-

Today was the last day that all of the staff and crew would be together before the new year and the new changes it will bring. Katie, my boss (I work for the "Katie Show" by the way) got us all an awesome gift. It's a necklace with my initials and a diamond. :)

So even if I don't get anything from anyone else, at least I was blessed with such an amazing gift. Things really get better and this is proof.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Hope you spend your holidays with the people who mean the most to you. (And I hope you get them an amazing gift too lol that's what Christmas is about right?)

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