Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Google It

So whenever I watch ANYTHING on TV or on the movie screen, I some how try to relate it to my life. (lmao yes I know it's the weirdest thing in the world but whatever.) I try to empathize with the person and then I look at their mistakes and see if I've made the same and if my "cover" is about to be blown. It's with any and everything that I watch. Just last night I was watching "Love and Hip Hop" and I'm finding myself in these different women, relating to their pain just feeling foolish haha.

So I'm watching Catfish and I though to google myself. Have you ever googled yourself? There's nothing out there that I don't want to be, besides some old pictures of me when I was fat and unattractive but other than that, there's nothing out there that I haven't told anyone. I googled some others and I found some really interesting information. Apparently people have different middle names and there's like information about them on dating websites! They went out on a date with someone and that person uploaded a picture of them and described their date and even put the EXACT date it happened. That's just weird. Especially because this person LOVES social media and online-dating and they are pretty much ideal for the Catfish world. haha 

It's just really weird. I don't think I'll be watching much more of this show. The thought that someone could do that to me is just uncomfortable. 

I mean hey! We all lie. Recently I was reminded of this BOGUS lie that I told this guy in highschool about me being with someone when I was clearly way too young to even let that happen. I was just trying to be cool and blend in with the rest of my fast peers. It was definitely embarrassing and uncomfortable to have that lie brought to my attention. It reminded me of how much I'd rather not lie and face that awkward revealing. It's way too hard to keep up with lies. I had totally forgotten it and who knows what I would have said if I tried to keep up with it haha. And then hoping that the person believed me with my "new truth"? LOL wayyy too much. I was like 16 at the time I did this. 16 and foolish. It's funny looking back on it though. I'm not sure if he believed me when I said I was lying. lol whatever if he doesn't. There's some lies out there about him that I know about so I think we're even.

Another thing about Catfish.. I just couldn't keep up with this long distance, I never see you thing for so long. I'm not about texting/sexting/messaging all the time. We can do that, sure not a problem, but we can do that after we plan where in the world that we're meeting up. I get bored easily and I like to spend time and see expressions.. but I think you guys know that by now.


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