Monday, February 11, 2013

Are you sorry Mama Tina?

Since everyone is in a total uproar over Beyonce and her recent Destiny's Child reunion, her Super-Bowl performance, her perfect outfit from last night's Grammy Awards, and now her directorial debut which premieres this Saturday on HBO, I thought I'd take a look back upon where she came. In doing so, I thought of her mom and these choices.

I wonder if Tina has ever apologized to the girls for making them wear these outfits.

Yes, I would have probably been praying too.
 Because this was the right choice.

 Denim and Table Cloth! Perfect Mom!
 LOVING the bejeweled touch! Especially on the scarf Bey!
 Yes. They wore this.
 Did Edward Scissorhands design this one?
 Someone ran across a sale!
 House of Dereon's Best Seller!
 :D I see you Michelle.

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