Monday, February 11, 2013

Why do we go so hard?

Today’s average 20-something-year-olds are by far the most different breed of young adults that our predecessor’s have seen. We are “American Dreaming” our way out of college to work for those in their late 50s and 60s who are still assuming their employers will certainly still need and feed them, accepting jobs that are way below our experiences and qualifications. We are the most stressful group of people in the country. We report more depression and anxiety amongst all other ages. We did graduate college during an economic crisis on top of entering the phase of life where we are expected to know just exactly who we are and just exactly what we want to be.

We party so hard that we need to be carried home by night’s end. We go to clubs and send messages about our ex-lover and end up throwing bottles at each other and coincidentally everyone else in the club! We pop Molly’s and we sweat. I mean come on, the average age of bath salt users was 28. We have sex with pretty much everyone and go back to that same lover that the world knows is just terrible for us. We have tons of kids before we’re established in our careers. We are afraid to communicate face-to-face but are so quick to update our twitter feeds and send out that text message.

We were the children born to accessibility. Everything we wanted, we got and we got it quickly. We created Facebook and the art of social media. We made technology appealing. We are the masters of over-sharing. Why do we go so hard? It’s because we have no other option. We work hard, we don’t give up and we truly live. We stay up all night and make it to work the next morning. We are creating websites and platforms until we are able to have that “dream” title or position. We are doing things our way and letting the world watch our mistakes and happiness as its happening. We have no regrets and we are who we are.

Well that’s why I go so hard.

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