Thursday, March 7, 2013


Katherine Webb is the “luckiest” girl in the world. She came to fame for being noticeably “beautiful” and a “lovely lady” while attending the 2013 BCS National Championship Game to support her quarterback boyfriend A.J. McCarron. With the seconds of camera time she got while applauding her boyfriend on, the media went on a frenzy with coverage of her. Her twitter account jumped from 2,000 followers to over 175,000. Some of her new twitter followers include LeBron James and she really got a lot of attention thanks to NFL’s Darnell Dockett for his public tweet to her. Within the following days, her name was googled over 1 million times. Talk about the power of social networking sites! I personally don’t see anything wrong with anything mentioned thus far. To be recognized for being beautiful is hands down the biggest compliment that any woman could receive.

Here’s where my issue lies. Since then, Katherine has been offered a position as a Miss USA judge from Donald Trump. She was offered to be a correspondent for Inside Edition. She’s landed a spot as a contestant on the ABC show Celebrity Diving and to top it off, she’s appearing in the 2013 edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s literally catapulted into the life of media ALL BECAUSE OF HER LOOKS.

I can be a simple “hater” for the fact that she’s doing what I dream to do. What I’m striving and working SO hard for.  She’s doing what I shed constant tears and frustrations over. And she’s ONLY able to do this because she’s beautiful? Does my hard work not mean anything because I’m not as beautiful as her? What is that saying to women? That I have to be a sex symbol to quickly get a head? That’s so disturbing. She’s being handed all of these opportunities and it’s just sickening. You’re a contestant on a Celebrity diving show with people who really worked hard to get to the level of fame that they are at while you just so happened to get a quick glance during a football game? Does America not see how wrong this is? How we are subconsciously teaching young girls that yeah you can show interest in things, go to school for it, hustle and bust your ass for it,  but the real way to get ahead is to be beautiful?

It’s really disturbing, not fair and honestly discouraging. I’m not hating nor am I a hater because it’s just NOT right. My college loans agree with me if you don’t. How long will it take me to become a correspondent on an entertainment news show? 10 years because I’m not pretty enough? It’s insane. It’s upsetting and I’m upset that this in the industry that I set myself up to be in. No one told me to be in it but this is what I’m doing. Subjecting myself to being looked over and discouraged. Only the strong survive.
We really need to pay better attention to what we focus on. There are young girls out there making sex tapes because they are idolizing Kim Kardashian who MUST be the inspiration to Drake’s line “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” Just recently former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King after she was denounced her title after being accused of starring in an amateur porn film – which the girl in the film looks like her, sounds like her and shares the same birthday with her – tweeted “Be strong, life has a funny way of working out. Kim K made it and now is one of the most powerful women in the U.S.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  GEE THANKS KIM K.

Smh how does anyone fix this? It’s sad because I honestly feel like there is no solution. Just pretty girls winning and the ugly ones hustling with bags and dark circles under their eyes, named Bianca Lynn. lol 

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