Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I missed two days but let's get, get, get ittttt!!

Dear Future Husband:

I’ve loved you my whole life. I can’t begin to explain the joy and hope that you bring to my heart. There were so many days that I just knew that this wouldn’t happen to me. That something had to give and I guessed that that something was someone – essentially you. I’ve had a good run before you. Met the most amazing guys. Went out on some crazy dates. Fell in love at first sight. Fell in love over time. Realized that it wasn’t right. Kissed some frogs. Deleted some numbers. Cried. I became this emotional scaredy-cat. But then there was you. You were patient, kind and knew how to handle me. And I thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to figure me out. For keeping up with my drunken conversations in dimly lit bars where I start off talking about one thing and end up talking about another. Thanks for wiping my tears of frustration and defeat when I’m certainly being dramatic and impatient. Thanks for accepting my sarcasm. I know it can be a lot at times and you often don’t know if I’m being serious. Thanks for knowing when I’m being serious. Thanks for sending me those dirty text messages in the middle of the day that I love so much. Thanks for being the perfect perv and allowing me to be the same way.Thanks for accepting me despite my body issues. Thanks for working out with me.Thanks for the tickle fights. Thanks for putting your hand on my thigh when we go out. Thanks for sitting next to me at dinner. Thanks for washing my hair and picking out my clothes. Thanks for always being available yet just a little bit distant to allow me to grow into the better person you’ve helped me to become.Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for not abandoning me. Thanks for fighting for me! For not just watching me walk away because I was angry with you. Don't be angry when I do this. Show me that what you say is true. Show me. Spend as much time with me as you Thanks for your persistence and patience. Thanks for moving me. Thanks for accepting my exotic. You know how those haters are.

Thanks for the constant making out and love making.

You know how I like it.

Thanks boo. See you later. xoxox

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