Monday, August 26, 2013

Thoughts from the back of a towncar

Today I was told what I didn't deserve. And no, it was that "you don't deserve to be treated that way" conversation. It was hurtful and negative and from a dark place. But oddly I feel great.

Just another notch in the belt of life as I know it at 23. I will not let those words define me or bring me down. I know my worth and I know what I do deserve.

I always find myself in demeaning situations and relationships and usually I allow that person or circumstance to have all the power. But finally, oh finally, I've learned to be content and just smile.

I won't be here forever. Why fret over something so small in the big scheme of things. 

Constantly proving, fighting. Nothing is easy. But if it was, I wouldn't know what this feeling feels like.

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