Monday, May 19, 2014


I just hope that I'm doing it right.
I've never felt so much pressure and such ease at the same time. I've truly let go and shown myself, the good, bad and emotional and I've reached the point where I'm satisfied with that. It was something that I battled with for a long time. Truly exposing myself. Physically and emotionally.

I feel bare.
I feel open.
But I don't feel afraid.

I'm reading the book "Ask and It Is Given" and it talks about the Law of Attraction and how we have vibrations that bring things into fruition. We don't realize that the more that we focus or discuss the things that we don't want vs. focusing on what we actually do want, is what brings those unwanted experiences to life. I've began to learn how to mold my thinking and as I'm doing so, things that I've wanted are now mine. The question lies with how are you going to act when you actually get what you want? That's what I was I focusing on. I would get what I wanted and then I'd kind of just stand there in awe of it. But I've learned to live in that moment and claim it because that's what I've been wanting. How am I going to act? I'm going to act like it's been mine because it has.

So I'm bare.
I'm open.
I'm not afraid.

Yeah, I get nervous and I do feel some pressure, but all physical. I really need to get over some self-image/self body issues. It's not that serious. Things could be worse. I'm out here complaining about things on my body when some people don't even have body parts to complain about. It just makes me feel like a brat. And for that, I apologize and I'm constantly keeping myself in check.

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